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Get started today and book an initial consultation with Dr Alex Nikolaou. You’ll receive:

You’ll receive all of this for just £100, this is a detailed analysis of your situation and you’ll leave fully informed of all your options – and remember, almost everyone is suitable for dental implants

You will experience a world-class service and treatment with life changing results giving you improved confidence, a better quality-of-life with no need to compromise on what you eat.

Natural looking beautiful teeth is what we are about, all your friends will be asking where you got your smile from.


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    Yes, we could make our implant consultation free, but if we did that it would be cheap!

    • You wouldn’t get the depth of analysis to ensure you get the best result.
    • You wouldn’t get your jaw joint analysed ready for implants.
    • You wouldn’t get your gums analysed ready for implants.
    • You wouldn’t get a full dental health assessment to make sure your new smile lasts.
    • You wouldn’t be seen by one of the most experienced and highly qualified dental implant dentists.


    You wouldn’t be getting a Dr Alex Nikolaou initial assessment.

    So it’s safe to say that our assessments will never be cheap, and that’s a good thing because you always get what you pay for.